Natural Gas

Taking Natural Gas the Final Step.

Natural gas can move across mountain ranges and lakes and thousands of miles, but it doesn’t do any good if you can’t get it to the end customer. That’s where natural gas distribution pipelines come in. Construction and maintenance, as well as the modernization of aging distribution infrastructure, is the core of what Miller Pipeline does.


Building a new pipeline?

We can help, providing both plastic and steel main installation, traditional open-cut and trenchless installation methods, as well as fabrication and installation of regulator stations.

Replacing an existing system?

We can replace service lines and risers, and we offer hot tap and live tie-in capabilities in addition to complete service renewals, meter relocations, customer piping and light-up capabilities.

Maintaining an existing system?

We can handle bad valves, leaks, replacing or repairing cast iron, or installation of WEKO-SEAL ® internal joint seals or Safe-T-Seal ® external joint seals.