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What is a PSMS?

A safety management system (SMS) is a continuous improvement process that reduces hazards and prevents incidents. A key component of any SMS is the reporting of incidents and concerns.  As a Miller Pipeline employee, you play a key role in the SMS process. Miller Pipeline employees are often closest to the utility’s assets and follow their processes and procedures in the field. As we perform work on these assets and use these processes, it is vital that we identify and report any risk or safety concern to the owner of the pipeline. This reporting allows Miller Pipeline and the utility operator to become proactive in risk mitigation while enhancing safety for the public and employees.

This list of incidents will be reported as part of SMS reporting and Customer Corrective Action Program (CAP) programs. Please review the list and become familiar with the incidents that will result in a submission. Keep in mind that emergency situations should be handled under current emergency procedures.

SMS and CAP are all about pipeline safety and as the people closest to the work we need your input. Your suggestions and insight are valuable tools to identify risks and process improvements. Once reported, submissions will go to the proper department for corrective action. Corrective action may include the following: mitigating the identified risk, communicating the risk to affected employees/stakeholders, providing feedback to the submitter that the risk(s) have been mitigated and steps taken to avoid a future occurrence. Just like Stop Work Authority, everyone plays a role in identifying and reporting risk and can do so without fear of retribution. SMS is about increasing safety, reducing risk, and continuous improvement, not assigning blame.


How to report a risk:

  • Follow customer processes for reporting identified Risks on their system (CAP program)
  • Use the Miller Pipeline Safety Observation (Good Catch) process
  • Enter anonymous submissions via the Your Voice Counts portal

While investigations will occur for all submissions, only those entries with appropriate contact information will receive feedback.

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