Why do we have company picnics? We offer company picnics to you and your family so you know how much we value and appreciate the hard work you do for our company. This is an opportunity to spend a day with your family, meet your coworker’s families and have fun! We all have our reasons of ‘What I Live For’ now you can actually see them all in one group at a company picnic. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Miller Pipeline and our team.

Do you have new-hires on your crew or team? Please spread the word about company picnics and how much fun you can have. Click here to see what we are talking about!



Are you looking for picnic information or your RSVP form? Click on your state button below to direct you to the RSVP page for your area.




Here’s some helpful information for the RSVP process: 

  • An employee is allowed to attend one picnic in their region.
  • Tickets are limited to the employee, spouse (fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend) and any other dependents claimed on your tax documents (including stepchildren). This does not include grandchildren.
  • Employees can purchase guest passes for anyone they wish to bring that does not meet the above criteria. Guest pass cost vary for each picnic, the cost is included on the RSVP form.
  • Be sure to order your family t-shirts when you RSVP. Family t-shirts will be included in your picnic packet which you receive 1-2 weeks before your company picnic by your supervisor. If you do not order your shirts before the RSVP deadline, t-shirts are not guaranteed by the picnic date.