Organizational Announcements

Doug Banning to Retire from Miller Pipeline and Artera, Kevin Miller moves to Senior Advisor, Dale Anderson to serve as President and Chief Operating Officer

INDIANAPOLIS – Miller Pipeline, LLC, one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution and utility contractors, announced today that Doug Banning, Chief Executive Officer of Miller Pipeline and Artera (collectively Artera), will retire on July 2, 2020 after 35 years of service. Additionally, current Miller Pipeline President Kevin Miller will transition to a new role as Senior Advisor, and Executive Vice President Dale Anderson will be appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Miller Pipeline.

Doug joined Miller Pipeline in 1985 as a cost accountant and has served as CEO since 1998. Over the course of his 35-year tenure, Banning helped propel Miller Pipeline from a company of 350 employees with revenues of $40 million to over 5,000 employees with revenues exceeding $1.3 billion. Doug’s strong background in accounting and finance helped him champion innovations and improvements around productivity tracking and performance development, all while never losing focus on what matters most, the people.

Doug will remain involved with Miller Pipeline and Artera at a strategic level by joining the PowerTeam Services Board of Directors effective July 3, 2020.

After 16 years as president of Miller Pipeline, Kevin Miller will be moving to a Senior Advisor role effective June 26, and will be supporting Miller Pipeline through the end of the year. Kevin started his career in 1973 and has worked in nearly every capacity at the company. He began as a general laborer in the field, advancing his career until he was named president in 2004. Kevin takes an active role in building relationships within the underground utilities construction industry, and he will continue to foster those relationships in his advisory role. In January 2021, Kevin will retire from Miller Pipeline and transition to Senior Advisor for parent company PowerTeam Services.

“Kevin has contributed 47 years of experience to Miller Pipeline and his influence will continue in this new position,” Banning stated.

Executive Vice President Dale Anderson will succeed Kevin Miller, and starting June 26, 2020, will be President and Chief Operating Officer of Miller Pipeline. Anderson has over 34 years of experience in the natural gas industry and 11 years of commitment to Miller Pipeline.

“I look forward to continuing on with the impressive foundation that Doug and Kevin built and providing more opportunities for the company. Our culture and core values will continue, and our valued customers can continue to expect best-in-class service moving forward,” Anderson said.

About Miller Pipeline LLC: Miller Pipeline is one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution and pipeline contractors with more than 65 years of experience in the utilities infrastructure industry. Established as a private company in 1953, Miller Pipeline operates in nearly two dozen states and has over 3,000 employees. Miller Pipeline provides quality construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation products and services to natural gas utilities, municipal water and wastewater utilities, pipelines and industrial customers throughout North America. In 2020, PowerTeam Services acquired Miller Pipeline. Learn more about Miller Pipeline at

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