Miller Pipeline is partnering with the Children’s Bureau again for their ‘Hope for the Holidays’ program. To read more about the family we’ve “adopted” this holiday season, click here. To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 6.

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Our 2021 Family

This family of four embodies resiliency!  Wendy suddenly found herself as a single mother to three children this summer after a split from her husband was needed to ensure the family was safe. The children include her oldest son, Anthony, who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and her two young grandchildren, who have their own unique needs. Wendy spends most of her days talking with specialists, waiting for the kids to complete various therapies, and making calls to find additional supports for her family.

After the split with her husband, Wendy and the kids became homeless. This change in routine was especially hard for Anthony, who needed additional support in a residential home. But, Wendy was determined to find a home, and last month she and her family moved into a new apartment together. Anthony is thriving in the new space and has found a new sport that has been an excellent addition to his everyday life–developmental flag football. His school’s team went to the State tournament a few weeks ago and lost the final game by three points. But like his mom, Anthony is not letting this get him down. He wants to lift weights and work on his skills during the off-season to help his team make it to the finals next year. Wendy and her two grandchildren plan to be there to cheer for him. The love in this family is strong, and they would be thankful for any help in making this Holiday Season bright!

  • ANTHONY, age 14. He is sweet, pleasing, thankful/appreciative, and has a deep love for his mother who is his biggest fan and supporter. He loves anything to help his aim in football: small weights, remote control cars, and the Colts.
  • RYLAND, age 6. He is a good listener and obeys directions well. He is the goofball of the family. He loves recess, and at home, he likes to draw and play sports outside with his uncle.
  • THALIA, age 5. Despite her congenital issues, she is known for her “get up and try again” perseverance. She loves princesses, enjoys drawing, and has a name for every one of her stuffed animals.
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THANK YOU for supporting those in the communities where we live and work.

To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 6.

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