Miller Pipeline is partnering with the Firefly Children and Family Alliance again for their ‘Hope for the Holidays’ program. To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 5.



Our 2022 Children

Mason lives with his relatives. They are raising them as their own and will soon adopt them. The father of one of the children has passed and the mothers of both are just not able to care for either child.

  • MASON, age 6.  He is the nicest child you will ever meet. He is so loving to his soon-to-be adoptive brother. He also is very nice to his teachers at school who all adore him. Mason lives with his Great Aunt but calls her Mom. He has a sister but she now lives out of state. He misses her but is thriving in his new home.


This Mom, Dad, and their two young sons are a very close-knit family and spend a lot of time with their extended family. Mom and Dad have some developmental disabilities and are learning how to appropriately care for their children. Mom stays at home with the boys while Dad works. Mom and Dad love that their extended family is so close and involved as that provides them with loads of support. 

  • ETHAN, age 1. He absolutely LOVES Cocomelon! He is a very active and independent little boy. A happy child, Ethan rarely cries, unless he is overly tired or sick. He is a really good big brother to his infant sibling. Ethan loves to play outside and enjoys trying new foods.


  • ATLAS, age 4 months. He is already developing a personality. Atlas loves music and toys that make noise. He has a big brother who adores him. His parents are working hard to make sure their home is a safe and stable one for him as he continues to grow.


This family is from Malaysia and Mom speaks no English. She has two beautiful daughters who speak English and take care of most things for Mom. The family has been displaced due to domestic violence and they had to flee with nothing. The girls love school and go every day, most days wearing the same clothing. Both Mom and the girls are always most grateful for anything that they receive. They would be overjoyed to find just some basic things under the tree at Christmas time. 

  • TRACY, age 15. A very petite 15-year-old girl who is wise beyond her years. Because her mother does not speak English she has taken on the role of the adult and takes care of all of the family’s needs. They recently fled domestic violence and are starting over. She has a younger sister. Tracy is outspoken and has learned how to advocate for herself and her family. She loves school but has not yet decided what she will choose as a profession. She is involved in band and other extracurricular activities at school.


  • ZA, age 12. Her family recently fled domestic violence and is starting over. It’s very seldom that her facial expressions even change. She seems to be very shy, very much unlike her outgoing big sister. These girls have been through a lot and just now trying to find their voice.


THANK YOU for supporting those in the communities where we live and work.

To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 5.


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