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Miller Pipeline is partnering with the Firefly Children and Family Alliance again for their ‘Hope for the Holidays’ program. This year we will be helping two families in need. You can find links to each child’s Christmas gift list and links to donate money to complete their list below.  To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 11.



About Kiana, Cindy, and Diana’s Family:

These girls live with their mother. After experiencing years of domestic violence, she is working with Firefly to find a safe path forward for her family. Mom is always positive and tries to be the best parent she can be. This family is so close and loves spending time with each other. One of their favorite things to do together is sleepovers and movie nights on Fridays.

Gifts for Kiana:  Kiana is a 10-year-old girl. She is very smart and caring to her friends and family. Kiana consistently gets straight As and knows that school comes first. Her current dream job is becoming a teacher. Kiana is very helpful with her siblings and helping out at home. She is the most thoughtful young girl you could meet. She knows when her family isn’t having a good day and can always put a smile on your face. Kiana loves to read books; her current favorite is Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story. Some random facts about Kiana are that purple is her favorite color, she loves eating watermelon not only in the summer but year-round, and she enjoys being creative by drawing.

Kiana's Wish List


Gifts for Cindy: Cindy, 9, is the middle child of the bunch! She is a people person and very outgoing, but her favorite people are little kids. She loves talking to them and helping them. Cindy is very good in school and gets good grades. She is in 3rd grade. She loves to draw and hang out with her friends. When she is not with her friends being artsy, you can find her singing with the school choir or helping her mom cook and clean. Cindy likes to read the Dog Man books or anything scary and mysterious.

Cindy's Wish List


Gifts for Diana: Diana is 1 year and 10 months old, almost 2! She is the youngest sister. She is very sweet and always curious about new things around her. She currently is going to daycare and speech therapy. Diana is friends with all the other kids at daycare and gets along with them so well. She loves doggies and watching YouTube shows.

Diana's Wish List


About Thomas and James’ Family:

Thomas and James live with their single father. He fought hard to gain custody of them after they experienced abuse at the hands of their mother. While he is a hard worker, he is currently unable to work due to health concerns. Dad also struggles with reading and writing. It is clear he loves his boys very much and wants to do whatever is best for them. Firefly is helping him gain access to supportive services and therapy for the boys.

Gifts for Thomas: Thomas is a very smart and curious 7-year-old. He has autism and is nonverbal but expresses himself quite well through facial expressions and hand gestures. Thomas is the oldest of two boys in the home. A very active farm boy, he does not know a stranger and enjoys meeting new people. Thomas wears size 10 and is in need of sweatpants. (Please do not purchase any other pants other than sweats).

Thomas' Wish List

Gifts for James: James, 4, is an outgoing and fun little boy! His smile and giggle is infectious and lights up a room. James is a little “farm boy” and loves to wear tractor shirts and a ball cap. He is the youngest of two and lives with his father and brother. James wears a size 5 and is in need of winter clothing.

James' Wish List


THANK YOU for supporting those in the communities where we live and work.

To deliver the gifts on time, all donations must be received by Monday, December 11.



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