Good Catch

Good Catch should be submitted when an employee exercises Stop Work to identify a potential risk to Safety or Quality. For example, if a team member is performing a gas-in-place measurement and they notice a large pressure differential between squeeze points and they utilize their stop work authority to ensure our residents do not lose natural gas service, this would qualify as a Good Catch.

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Catch One

Our teammates routinely go above and beyond while on the jobsite, office, warehouse, and shop. Our Catch One program is designed to recognize those people and show our appreciation for what they do. A Catch ONE occurs when an employee or team completes an action that embodies one or more core values. A Catch ONA social media graphic featuring two construction workers in full protective equipment standing shoulder to shoulder with their names and titles on a grey box. The box reads "operator Billy Clark, and Laborer Kaylan Cook." There is a Miller Pipeline below the grey box. E is an action going above and beyond our daily job functions, resulting in a positive outcome in the project, team, or community. The program is designed as a way for our customers, supervisors, the general public, and co-workers to express appreciation towards our employees. 

For example, if there were a motor vehicle accident near a job site and if our teammates were to spring into action to assist those involved, that would be a Catch One. 

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