Blue sky background with a Duke Energy logo on the left and a miller pipeline logo on the right.

Duke Energy is committed to safely, efficiently, and reliably serving its natural gas customers. As part of Duke Energy’s commitment to enhancing the natural gas infrastructure, the company has implemented a service line replacement program to replace older, metallic gas service lines using newer, polyethylene (plastic) material.

The service line is the natural gas line that connects from the gas main (typically in the street) to the gas meter for your home. To replace it, a Miller Pipeline (a Duke Energy contractor) will need to briefly discontinue your gas service. It will take about 4 hours for the work to be completed and will require the contractor to dig a hole in your yard. Prior to the service line being replaced, the contractor will check your appliances for safety and will also do a houseline test to check for any leaks prior to work beginning. After the service line is replaced, the contractor will need to reinspect your gas appliances and relight any pilot lights to safely restore your gas service. We are asking for your assistance in scheduling a convenient time for this important work to be completed.

Miller Pipeline expects to complete this work in your neighborhood as quickly as we can. In anticipation of this, a Miller Pipeline representative will be stopping by your property to schedule an appointment. If you are unavailable when the representative arrives, the contractor will leave a door hanger providing contact information to schedule or you can call (513) 516-0319 directly.

Please be aware that all sub-contractors for Duke Energy must comply with the following:

•Wear a visible contractor picture ID on the outside of their uniform that identifies them as a Duke Energy contractor.

•Have a contact phone number that our customers may call to verify the contractor’s identity and purpose.

•Drive a vehicle with a visible contractor logo. (pictured above)