What are my duties during an emergency situation?

You will receive the first call about the incident from the foreman – contain and control the emergency situation
Ensure the job site and crew are safe
Act as an Incident Safety Officer, as required
Work with communications and crisis management team to determine a spokesperson for the media

Who do I call?
After you receive a call from the Foreman and obtain the incident details:

Call Corporate Safety
Call #1 – Call Andy Cleeter (317) 677-2161
(if he does not answer or is unavailable)
Call #2 – Call Justin Hutchens (317) 503-6508

Determine the designated spokesperson
The communications department will call you and/or the GF/Superintendent to determine who the media spokesperson is if Miller is chosen to handle the media.

Determine the following points during the phone call:

Who is on-site and well versed to talk with the media?
Once determined, Communications will contact the designated spokesperson to coach and send talking points/statements directly to them