GF and Superintendent Duties

  1. Role: The primary role of the GF/Superintendent in an emergency is to receive direction from the safety manager on how to support the incident.


  1. GF and Superintendent Responsibilities
    1. Upon initial notification of an emergency situation, some responsibilities might be:
      1. A. Keep all communication verbal and not to email or text about the incident.
      2. B. If there is an injury, potentially visit the employee at the hospital.
      3. C. Support the Vice President with family matters if requested.
      4. D. Ensure resources (monetary and manpower) are available to support the crew in safely, effectively, and efficiently managing the incident.
      5. E. Arrive at the scene as soon as possible (within 30 minutes) or assign a person to take over your role.
      6. F. Work with the CMT to conduct a formal investigation of the incident.
      7. G. Forward all gathered information to the Corporate Risk Manager within 24 hours.
      8. H. Participate in the Root Cause Investigation.


Remember, crew members should not share or post photos or videos regarding the incident event on personal or company-provided devices or social media pages.

Do not text or email your coworkers or supervisor. Every conversation should be done by phone call.