What is an emergency on my site?
Below is a list of incidents that need emergency action and must be escalated to your regional VP:

  • Any chemical spill to the environment
  • Injuries requiring in-patient hospitalization
  • High consequence utility strike
  • Incidents where the press/media are involved
  • Serious motor vehicle accidents
  • Fire or explosion
  • Trench collapse
  • Any workplace violence or terror threat
  • Onsite inspection from OSHA or EPA
  • Protesters present on the job

    *Please note, this list of incidents does not cover all that can occur, please use your best judgment on other incidents. Always feel comfortable to use Stop Work Authority and call your supervisor if something doesn’t feel right. The safety of you and your crew depends on it.

Who do I call?

  • Call 911
  • Call your local SQC
  • Call General Foreman or Superintendent
    If you don’t hear back from either the SQC or the GF/Superintendent within 10 mins, call another superintendent or your Regional VP to notify them of the situation.

Do I handle the media? What do I say?

Why is this important?

  • We want to get emergency services to our employees as quickly as possible
  • Keeping management in the loop will ensure resources and guidance is available during emergency situations
  • Incorrect details disclosed to the media can have a negative effect on our company’s reputation
    What to do?
  • If an incident occurs, stop the work, call 911 (if needed) and inform your next level supervisor immediately
  • Instruct your crew to not discuss the details with media, family, friends or community members
  • Find out who the spokesperson is and direct any questions to them. The SQC (or supervisor) will give you the name of the spokesperson.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO maintain a professional and courteous attitude towards all media and community members
  • DON’T make statements to the media or speculate about circumstances or causes
  • DO direct questions and requests to the designated spokesperson
  • DON’T make off the record statements or say “no comment”
  • DON’T make statements to the media directly
  • DO say this to the media, “We are performing routine work for our customer, I do not have any information that I can share at this time. May I please have the contact with the best phone number to reach them when we have updated information?” then relay that information to your next level supervisor.