Foreman Calls

1.) 911

2.) Safety Manager (listed below)

3.) Supervisor

 – Make sure to explain the who, what, and where clearly.


Foreman’s Duties

  • Role: Act and respond in emergency situations as outlined by this plan.
  • Responsibility: In advance of an incident, designate an acting foreman in the event the foreman is involved in the incident. Ensure the acting foreman has contact information for the Safety Manager and Supervisor, understands notification procedures, and is comfortable with the role of acting foreman.


What to do if the media shows up at the job during or after an incident?

  • Instruct your crew not to discuss the details with or near media, family, friends, or community members.
  • Foreman to find out from the Safety Manager who will handle the media on site and to direct any questions to that contact if approached.
  • Crew members should not share or post photos or videos regarding the incident event on personal or company-provided devices or social media pages.


Helpful hints to protect our company’s reputation

  • DO maintain a professional and courteous attitude toward community members
  • DON’T make statements to or interact with the media, and don’t speculate about circumstances or causes.
  • DO direct questions and requests to the safety manager
  • DO say this to the media if pushed: “I can’t provide a comment”


Do not text or email your coworkers or supervisor. Every conversation should be done by phone call.


Safety Managers


EAST REGION | Dan Hopkins | 732-580-6178

GREAT LAKES REGION | Dave Shirley | 616-460-1777

MOUNTAIN REGION / KRS | Randy Sagante | 719-568-2764

MUNICIPAL SERVICES | Travis Nail | 301-502-3502

OHIO / MIDWEST REGION | Aaron Hunt | 614-554-3657

SOUTH / MIDWEST REGION | Austin O’Hara | 317-518-5388

KS ENERGY SERVICES | Josh Retzleff | 262-613-1425

WEST REGION | Jose Giron | 415-710-2977