Safety Manager Duties

Role: You will receive the first call from the foreman after an incident has occurred. Your primary job is to provide support to ensure the incident is managed safely, effectively, and efficiently.


Safety Manager Calls

1.) Regional Vice President

  1. 2.) Vice President of Safety


Responsibilities of the Safety Manager

  1. 1.) Respond to emergency situations as outlined in this policy and act as the Safety Officer in larger-scale events requiring safety expertise to support the response and actions being taken. This includes coordinating the securement of the incident scene and ensuring all equipment, tools, and materials are preserved.
  2. 2.) Meet with any emergency responders, agency officials, customer representatives, and the foreman to establish a plan for resolving the situation safely and efficiently.
  3. 3.) When receiving the call from the crew foreman, remind the foreman during the call:
      1. A. To stay calm and levelheaded to protect the crew and site
      2. B. Do not share any photos or videos of the incident
      3. C. Keep all communication verbal, do not email or text about the incident even if it’s a customer request
      4. D. Direct all inquiries to the Safety Manager via a phone call