The primary role of the Designated Spokesperson is to be the only person on-site to communicate with the media. Your role was determined by the SQC, GF/Superintendent, and Communications Department.

Once you are notified of your role:

  • Discuss the emergency incident with the SQC or GF/Superintendent to learn details of the situation
  • Work with Communications on talking points and statements to make to the media
  • Identify a person to stand by during interviews to take notes of questions asked and your answers
  • Call Communications with a recap of the communication exchange and follow up with any information to the media, if needed

Helpful Hints:

  • Treat the media with respect
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude towards media and community members
  • Do not make any “No Comment” or “Off-the-record” statements
  • Stay calm if the media is pushy for information
  • Don’t speculate