1. Crisis Management Team Role

This team shall be made up of key leaders who can fulfill the following roles; VP Safety (CMT leader), President, RVP, safety manager, superintendent, communications, risk and legal, human resources, and the job site general foreman or project manager.

Crisis Management Team Responsibilities

A.) The team will be responsible for effectively supporting the recovery of business operations and deal with the aftermath of major incidents once the immediate emergency situation is under control. They will also direct initial and ongoing communication with the owner/operator, media, public, employees, family, and holding company. Examples include: Discuss when to share any Samsara footage with OSHA, Law enforcement, and customer; Advise on joint agreement with the customer; Designate who puts together the report to send to the customer within 24 hours.

B.) The team will determine the Designated Spokesperson if Miller is chosen to handle the media. Review the following points when determining who will be the designated spokesperson:

1.) Who is on-site and well versed to talk with the media?

2.) Once determined, Communications will contact the designated spokesperson to coach and send talking points/statements directly to them.