Not sure what you should and shouldn’t ask in an interview? Please review the positive interviewing guide for suggestions that can help you come up with the best questions to ask.

Your interview questions should be designed to determine the candidate’s capability to perform the essential functions of the job. This document outlines what you DO NOT ask and what you CAN ask, only if necessary.

The topics listed below are not required to be included in any interview. They are only mentioned here to assist managers in planning interview questions.

Ask candidates only about the essential skills and qualifications required, and focus on how each candidate has performed similar jobs in the past.
Do not make assumptions about your candidate’s ability or disability.
Some candidates will volunteer information that you would prefer not to know. The best way to handle this situation is to not pursue it, nor to make note of it.
Use your carefully planned interview questions for all candidates to maintain consistency and equal treatment of all who apply.

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