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What is the ECF?
The ECF provides Miller Pipeline employees with funds to aid in a personal situation such as family disaster or illness or severe financial hardship
resulting from a catastrophic event. Employees receiving funds through the ECF program are considered taxable income, and IRS guidelines apply.

Who can qualify for funding?
To qualify an employee must have been actively at work with the Company immediately preceding the triggering event. The program does not cover contract workers, temporary, seasonal or part-time employees. Employees cannot submit a nomination on their own behalf, a co-worker or supervisor must submit an application on behalf of the employee in need.

What type of help does the ECF provide?
One-time grant per rolling 12-month period up to $1,500 may be awarded to cover expenses for the following reasons:

  • House fire
  • Tornado (an act of nature)
  • Life-threatening or serious health condition (i.e. heart attack, stroke, cancer) of an employee resulting in unpaid time away from work
  • Help with basic living expenses as a result of a catastrophic event

How do I contribute to the ECF?
The Company also offers a chance for each employee to contribute to the fund through payroll deductions. As little as one dollar ($1) a week will make a tremendous difference to the fund. Employees interested in donating by payroll deductions should complete the form here.