What is the Individual Vehicle Mileage Report (IVMR)?
The IVMR is a report to fill out daily detailing the travel used on your vehicle with an APP license plate. The IVMR form needs to be emailed or texted to the Fleet department every week (on Friday). The completed forms should be sent to [email protected] or text a picture of the form to 317-501-8645.

Why do I have to fill this form out?
We ask all foremen to fill this form out so we can keep track of the mileage and fuel purchased per vehicle. If we do not have the correct information for every vehicle on the road, we could be fined or our operations could be shut down.

How do I fill this form out?
Start a new form on Monday morning for each vehicle that you (or a member of your crew) drive. Make sure your crew members are educated on the importance of this process. Click here to follow the 5 steps to fill out the IVMR form correctly.

Click here to download and use the IVMR form.