Please follow the process below when you are renting equipment or tools including; machinery, hand tools, safety apparatuses, traffic control, shoring equipment, vehicles and trailers used in crew activities. This does not apply to rental vehicles obtained at airports or otherwise for company-related personal transportation.

1. Prior to and during the job, supervisor or foreman will identify the need for equipment.

2. Jointly, the foreman and supervisor will determine if they can meet the need with existing equipment. The supervisor will check with all his own crews to see if equipment exist.

3. If not, the supervisor will communicate and coordinate with fleet supervisor to determine if Miller-owned equipment could be used.

4. If rental is needed, the supervisor or fleet supervisor will complete the online rental notification form (click on the rental form above to complete). Please use a preferred vendor for the rental, if you have questions about what those are, contact your fleet supervisor or rental coordinator. This will notify the rental coordinator so rental equipment can be tracked and managed from a central location.

5. The fleet supervisor and rental coordinator will work together and follow up to make sure that equipment is maintained and returned.

6. The fleet supervisor will notify the rental coordinator when the rental is returned.