DOT Certifications of Road Test
Submit Driver Files
Submitting a Good Catch
Daily Huddle Evaluation
Confined Space Entry (WEKO and MSD ONLY)
Boot and Glove/ Eyeglass Reimbursement Form

Midwest Region (IN/KY/MO/KS)
Safety Crew Visits
Vectren Safety/Quality Inspection
Vectren Blanket Service Site Visit

Vectren Emergency Cut Line Procedures
Please follow all of the steps below:

If the damage results in the escape of gas, call 911
call 8-1-1 to report the damage: 800-382-5544
Fill out the Vectren Cut Line Form – Click here for form
Contact Jerry Point at 317-653-5313, and give him a description of the incident. If Jerry is not at his desk, fill out the Risk Department Form – click here for form

Superintendent contact numbers:
Adrian Nickelson 317-800-1674
Josh Balay 317-407-3657
Sam Hoehn 502-643-2489
Doug Raines 502-297-2119
Tracy Kindred 317-695-0510